What is Djenzen Coaching

Today, more than ever, society desperately needs everyone’s gifts in order to solve our collective problems. We each have a purpose, a role to play in the evolution of mankind. 

A divine light shines inside each of us. Shame and self-doubt often smother this light.  For our divine light to shine through, we must rediscover our true selves and allow that true self to emerge and guide us.

I call this radical authenticity. 

My work involves reconnecting people to their soul. My coaching program is designed to bring about personal transformation.  I facilitate workshops and coach individuals on how to break through the chains of self-doubt to discover their Essential Self ©. Having done this work myself, I know it works. I’ve also witnessed the power of personal transformation in others brought about through compassion, knowledge, and opportunity.

Having spent my formative years in western Africa with my father’s family, I now incorporate many of the traditional healing methods of my people into a spiritual healing practice in the West. With an MA in Consciousness and Transformative Studies, I serve as a bridge between indigenous ways of knowing and traditional Western understanding. I started this coaching practice because I believe we need a spiritual approach to resolve the epidemic of shame that too often plagues us. The time has come for radical authenticity and I offer a step-by-step process to help people achieve this.

I believe every person has a right to thrive and to the opportunity to fulfill their purpose.

I envision a world where everyone—having discovered their unique gifts and talents—contributes meaningfully to the evolutionary progression of our species for the betterment of us all. [More about me]