Personal Development Coaching


I help (re)connect people to their essential self by unburdening them from layers of shame.

Typically, people who come to me  yearn for deeper meaning and purpose in their lives but feel stuck. They have no idea how to move forward, however, they have an intuitive knowing that there is a greater, elusive purpose to life. These personal crises are often brought on by a sudden loss, a traumatic experience, or a spiritual awakening.

People who call me tend to feel:

  • depression(fatigue, ennui, etc.)
  • low self esteem/shame
  • identity crisis
  • lack of direction, focus, and clarity
  • lack of faith/questioning spiritual beliefs


During six weeks of coaching sessions (1 – 1.5 hours per week), we will break down the barriers eclipsing your Essential Self© and allow this Essential Self© to emerge as the guiding force in your life.

My work is deeply spiritual (not religious) and designed around finding purpose and meaning in life. I work with people of all (or no) religions.

In order for you to fully live “on purpose”, together we will explore and raise awareness of the five major elements that make up your true being—your Essential Self©. Like fingerprints, all humans possess these five elements:

  • ancestry (container)
  • personality (tools)
  • archetypes(divine imprint)
  • core values (guiding principles)
  • deep wounding (medicine for the world)

Also like fingerprints, the blending pattern of the elements makes us unique—creating our individual essence.

My coaching model will guide you through the layers of shame and conditioning that block you and will help you discover how you’ve been holding yourself back. Together, we will work through the barriers to discover your Essential Self© and therefore your purpose.

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I work in person in San Francisco, or via video conference.


In just six weeks you will:

  • Know who you truly are, rediscovering your Essential Self©.
  • Gain clarity, vision, and purpose.
  • Have a greater understanding of what has been holding you back and learn how to tackle triggers or obstacles.
  • Not need to ever see me again. I will give you tools you can use to get through any crisis that may arise in the future.

After our six weeks together, you will emerge through your spiritual crisis stronger and will walk through life with deeper meaning, better self-awareness, and purpose.

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Six weeks of coaching for $599 payable in one, two, or three payments**. A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your six week space. I accept cash or credit cards only.


Other than the $50 deposit to reserve your space, this program is fully refundable. You will only pay for the sessions you complete ( $100 per session.)

Contact me for a free  30 minute phone or in person consultation.

**In some cases, I will consider a sliding scale.  Please call me to discuss your unique situation.**