What People Are Saying . . . 

About the personal development coaching:

“Amazing Personal Development coaching sessions with Djenaba–she’s got an uncanny ability to get to the heart of the issue very quickly relying on her strong sense of intuition and of course healing. To be honest, I was skeptical that we could accomplish so much in six weeks but we did that and more–and the learnings have served as a strong foundation for me to build from in my quest to grow personally and of course spiritually.” ~ D.S.

Transcendental 6-week long workshop! A psychic walkabout that had been long waiting… I studied psychology, made a career in massage & bodywork, to finally became a reiki practitioner, and about to dive deep into somatic emotional release studies. This journey guided by Djenaba was something else. She revealed tangible tools and intuition-powered practices to peel off the multi-dimensional layers that had been suffocating my fundamental self. All the while, she exudes a profound spirituality that re-animates your very essence. Phenomenal shifts occurred, yet in subtle ways, at a subconscious level, and little by little, pierced through. Six powerful sessions, leading to a wholesome rebirth. Feeling eternal gratitude! Poignant work. Do the work for yourself, for your loved ones, for the people around you, for the world.” ~ Marion P. 

“The healing journey with Djenaba empowered and nurtured me tremendously. The jigsaw of my existence became clearer to me week-by-week. It was an amazing experience how shame dissolved gradually and my denied parts became more integrated into my being, not only on the level of understanding but energetically as well. Magical things happen to me and I spend my days more in synchronicity with life. I am deeply grateful and feel blessed by Djenaba’s wisdom, radiance and healing power that enabled me to embody more fully my Essential Self in the world.” ~ Jazmin.

After seeing Djenaba more than a year ago I no longer suffer from shame. Instead of feeling stuck and unworthy I am confident being my authentic self. I am so happy that Djenaba is offering this work. In six short weeks a lifetime of shame has been transformed. I am forever grateful!” ~ Jackie.


About the workshops:

“Overall this was a great workshop! My favorite part of the last few weeks was figuring out my wisdom profile and wounded healer profile and how they essentially complimented one another…That combined with completing our archetypes, and personality test really helped me better understand myself.” ~K.L, workshop participant.

“The experience of being in the group was very positive for me. I appreciated that we were a small group so that it was easier to share difficult experiences. Also you (Djenaba) provided a very safe and contained environment in which these explorations were easier to implement. I thought your style of presenting the information was very clear and to the point. You have wonderful leadership qualities that provided the safe container within which to talk about shame.” ~ Ann, workshop participant.

“Being in a group and sharing experiences helped me to connect to my essential self much more quickly…In just a few weeks I do believe that I have a new found confidence in myself, and I now know what it feels like to live without shame.” ~ Jordan, workshop participant.

“I feel something shifted for sure. I got a more clear understanding about shame in general and shame in my life and others life. ” ~ Adrian, workshop participant.

“What is truly phenomenal, besides your own personal shame work that undergirds the entire project, and your strong facilitation of the group, is your own original theoretical model built around the essential self. The work to define the essential self through the 5 tools is also quite an original approach.” ~ Karen, workshop observer.

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